The power of touch and devotion is the essential of this massage, which is inimitable in type. It was already carried out and passed on by the original inhabitants of Hawaii. Of hawaiian touch exclusive the Lomi Lomi Nui is accomplished. Lomi Lomi means pressing, kneading and stroking. It`s coeval pleasantly gentle and goes „underneath the skin”. It`s also masseged with the forearms. The repeated wide contact with high-quality bio-oil from Coco-, almond- and Macadamianuts causes, that you devote to the massage after short time.

The environment and atmosphere are particularly important. Everything must be relaxing pleasant and lead to a deep peace. The hawaiian Lomi Lomi is the massage for your mind and soul. It`s ideal to the stress killing.

The movements are floating long and gyrating short, gentle and pressure-fuller contact alternate. Also the speed changes. Everything is subject to a constant change. The masseur loses the skin contact at no time to the client. The traditional hawaiian Lomi Lomi is a holistic Massage, which addresses whole human. It`s a celebration for your senses. In order to be able to relax optimally, you should enjoy right from the start. Trust in your masseuse. So you can use the chance to releasing all loading. In this condition you can return to your original perception. Often we have wrong conceptions of it, which can be and which not and to block us thereby the way fortunately. It applies to overcome these borders. During a Lomi Lomi Massage ease and joy of life are again-aroused. The human body will dissolve the accumulated tensions in gentle and sensitive way. When expression of your relaxation will your face get a softer look. For the massage you feel new energy and itself more strongly.

Forget stress and hectic pace. Experience a small piece of the paradisiac islands of Hawaii.


Note: The traditional hawaiian massage should not mistaked for an erotic massage!